PagePart provides mobile-friendly sites for small businesses. The sites are easy to customize with pluggable parts.


For many small businesses, the shift to mobile happened shortly after they’d invested in a website designed for a desktop. The business owner was caught between two bad options: on the one hand, sinking money into a new site; on the other hand, alienating customers trying to view the site on their phones. PagePart sought to provide a third option whereby the small business could have a mobile-friendly site without disrupting their existing site investment.


PagePart contracted Aron to build a custom content management system for creating mobile sites. The system provided one-click importing of structured data from Facebook to generate an initial site. The business owner could then customize their site using a catalog of pluggable “parts” including Google Maps, Google Calendar, Twitter, OpenTable, Yelp, RSS feed, and others. A JavaScript snippet redirected mobile browsers from the original desktop site to the new mobile-friendly rendering. Alternatively the business owner could switch entirely to their PagePart site for desktop as well.

As people started using the system, something unexpected happened: small web agencies started using PagePart to provide a mobile site to their clients. To meet the needs of this market, Aron added a partner dashboard for managing multiple sites, along with the ability to white label the editor, so that an agency could provide branded access to its clients on a custom domain.

  • Unique Features

  • Facebook sign in
  • Themeable mobile sites
  • Pluggable integrations
  • White-label product
  • Analytics & Reporting

Django Development • API Integration • Deployment, Scaling & Security