Brevi is a solution for small business marketing on Facebook.


Big companies are advertising on Facebook but small businesses aren’t. It’s not hard to understand why. For someone who isn’t a marketing expert, it’s not obvious how to put together an ad that will capture the interest of viewers. Additionally the Facebook ads manager has complex controls for budgeting, scheduling and targeting that can thwart even the most determined user. For the small business owner trying to squeeze marketing into the end of a long day, it’s an overwhelming chore that gets postponed indefinitely.


Brevi’s vision is to level the playing field by making it easy to launch an ad. The application guides the user through the process of creating an ad by asking easy-to-answer questions about ad content, and offering simplified choices for budgeting and scheduling. Brevi also taps third-party data to suggest ad content that’s tailored to the business, and configures highly-specfic Facebook audience targeting.

Our primary focus was to streamline the ad creation process, by asking only what was necessary, and providing limited but meaningful choices about ad content.

As technical co-founder, Aron developed the system including six partner OAuth and API integrations, as well as a custom Facebook Graph client that enables back office reporting at scale. Amy contracted to the startup to provide UI and UX design, and Python development.

  • Unique Features

  • Responsive design
  • Scalable Heroku deployment
  • Partner OAuth/API integrations
  • Payment via Stripe
  • Analytics & Reporting

UI & UX Design • Django/React Development • API Integration • Deployment, Scaling & Security