Our Team

We are big picture thinkers, pragmatic idealists, lighthearted team players.

  • Amy Griffis

    Designer & Developer

    Amy’s mission is to make the web easier and more fun to use, a pursuit that’s driven by her own love of learning and observation of the difficulties in presenting information effectively. After 10 years developing software, Amy took a hiatus to study graphic design before returning to web development with a focus on user experience. She’s crazy about ReactJS, typography and mint ice cream.

  • Aron Griffis


    Aron is an experienced software developer and open source advocate with a background in the Linux kernel, networking and security. His guiding principle is to build software that’s reliable, because you can’t move forward if you’re stuck chasing bugs. He loves working with other people and sharing knowledge⁠—especially over coffee⁠—and thinks there’s no better way to end the day than stepping outside to toss a frisbee.