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Recent Work

Some of our favorite projects and the amazing clients behind them.



Appsembler wanted their customers to know how learners were using their Open edX LMS. To give them insight into engagement and ROI, we built a secure usage tracker and backfilled it with historical data. Previously inaccessible info became charts revealing trends and entirely new conversations for the customer success team to pursue. Appsembler used this foundation to build their customer-facing reporting tool, Figures.
“I have to say, the amount you were able to get done with two people in this timeframe is amazing.”
Aaron Beals, VP Engineering at Appsembler

Digital Publishing


Tizra brought in Scampersand to improve the configurability and mobile experience of their Quickstart theme. Our job was to make these improvements on a limited budget within an existing codebase. We applied some creative thinking and technical expertise to provide Tizra with a solution that speeds up their onboarding and helps their customers start publishing more quickly.


Digital Einstein Papers

We worked with the Einstein Papers Project to improve the searchability of their online archive. Based on extensive feedback from researchers, we created a new UI that matches their terminology and workflow. The new interface is also mobile-friendly and includes explanations of commonly used abbreviations to make the archive approachable to new users.

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